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Multifunctional OLED Screen Portable Quick Analysis Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Blood oxygen saturation resolution:
Blood perfusion index:
Power consumption:
Working temperature:
  • CNME070402


Multifunctional OLED Screen Portable Quick Analysis Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


1. Precise measurement

2. Non-invasive and painless

3. Quick analysis

4. OLED screen

5. A variety of functions

6. Small and portable

7. Automatic shut-down

8. Metal paint frame


1.Powerful chip, excellent algorithm, capture accurate body data for you

Using a powerful SOC chip,combined with advanced filter detection algorithms, quickly and accurately monitor human blood oxygen saturation, pulse, blood perfusion index,respiratory rate and other data.

800-pulse oximeter (2)

2.One key to open, fast data collection

It only takes a few seconds to quickly obtain blood oxygen saturation and other values

800-pulse oximeter (3)

3.Accurate measurement, low error rate

Using advanced filtering detection algorithm,the measurement result is accurate,and the error rate of blood oxygen saturation value is low

800-pulse oximeter (4)

4.OLED display, better display effect

Using OLED high-definition display,the display effect is more delicate, supporting five-level brightness adjustment, without fear of dark or strong light environment,reading data is easier, and the low power consumption of OLED makes the device use longer.

5.Support four kinds of body index monitoring

It has rich functions and supports the detection of four major indicators:blood oxygen saturation (SPO2),pulse rate (PR), blood perfusion index (PI), and respiratory rate (RR).

800-pulse oximeter (5)

6. Microcomputer intelligent programming

The sound can be turned on and off,the warning value range can be set, the screen brightness can be adjusted, and the demonstration mode can be turned on.

7.All silicone red light shielding silicone finger cots

The skin-friendly inner wall is made of fully wrapped silica gel,which is comfortable to hand,good shading effect, and non-invasive red light penetration filter measurement.Accurate measurement data.

800-pulse oximeter (6)

8.The screen can adjust the display direction according to different viewing angles

After starting,you can click the button to switch views from different angles. Point and switch to the appropriate display mode from different angles, making reading more convenient.

800-pulse oximeter (7)

9.Powered by two AAA batteries

Powered by two AAA batteries,optimized circuit design,plus OLED

The ultra-low power consumption of the display makes the battery life very long.

800-pulse oximeter (8)

10.The outer frame adopts metal baking varnish process

The frame and decoration adopt metal spray paint and oil spray technology, and the body is smooth, which greatly improves the overall look and feel and highlights the grade.

800-pulse oximeter (9)

11.Product packaging picture

A full set of products include:host,packaging,manual, lanyard.

800-pulse oximeter (10)

Product main parameters:

Blood oxygen saturation measurement range

30%-99% pulse rate measurement range:


Blood oxygen saturation measurement accuracy

±2% in the range of 70%-99%,≤70%±2%

Pulse rate measurement accuracy

±1BPM or ±1% of the measured value (whichever is greater)

Blood oxygen saturation resolution

blood oxygen saturation ±1%

Blood perfusion index

≥0.2%, ±0.1%

Power consumption

less than 30mA

Automatic shutdown

when no finger is inserted, it will automatically shut down after 8 seconds

Working temperature


Storage humidity

15%-80% when working, 10%-80%

Storage air pressure


Battery model

2*1.5V (2 AAA alkaline, the product does not contain batteries)



Accessories list

Host*1, manual*1, lanyard*1

Package details:



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