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  • Disposable arthroscopy pack, mainly suitable for arthroscopic surgery. The main cover is made of 3-layer composite material. The high-weight non-woven fabric can effectively isolate bacteria and prevent leakage. The disposable arthroscopy pack is made of high elastic membrane material around the drape, which has a large stretch ratio and can effectively fix and fit the surgical site. The disposable arthroscopy pack adopts an integrated design of a three-dimensional fluid collection bag to effectively isolate the surgical and non-surgical areas. The fluid collection bag is equipped with a drain valve to drain the fluid collected during the operation in a timely and effective manner to prevent surgical infection. The enhanced design of key areas of the disposable arthroscopy pack can effectively absorb intraoperative waste fluid and create a double sterile barrier.


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  • In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, advancements in surgical techniques have led to safer, less invasive, and more efficient procedures. Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, has become increasingly popular for its numerous benefits.One critical component in the success of laparoscopic procedures is the laparoscopy pelviscopy pack.A laparoscopy pelviscopy pack, often referred to as a laparoscopy kit or set, is a carefully curated collection of sterile instruments and accessories used in laparoscopic surgeries. These packs are tailored to ensure that surgeons have all the necessary tools at their disposal to perform minimally invasive procedures effectively. This article delves into the significance of laparoscopy pelviscopy pack in hospitals.


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  • The disposable endotracheal intubation kit is used by medical units to establish artificial airways during clinical anesthesia or first aid. Disposable endotracheal intubation, inserted through the nose and mouth for ventilation, is suitable for adults and children. There are various specifications of endotracheal intubation, including cuffed and non-cuffed. Medical staff can flexibly choose according to clinical needs and use tracheal intubation bags with different configurations to perform clinical anesthesia or establish artificial airways.


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  • Urine is the basic secretion of the human body, and it is the metabolic waste and toxins discharged by the human body. Some patients are unable to expel urine from the bladder. In order to pass urine smoothly, they need a catheterization. The disposable urethral catheter set is a more commonly used consumable in clinical catheterization.


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  • The anesthesia method of subarachnoid block (referred to as lumbar anesthesia) through the human body is used for puncture and drug injection. The applicable departments of the spinal anesthesia puncture kit are the anesthesiology department, the pain department, and the emergency department. It is suitable for lower extremity or lower abdomen surgery, and it is characterized by fast action, stable effect and high success rate.


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