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  • The peritoneal fluid is passively drained into the drainage bag through the peritoneal drainage tube mainly by siphoning. Its mechanism of action is that the fluid in the cavity at a higher position in the body flows into the drainage bag at a lower position through the drainage tube; the condition is that the pressure in the body cavity is equal to the pressure in the drainage bag, and the tube opening in the drainage tube cannot be exposed to the liquid surface.


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  • A disposable oropharyngeal airway is a medical device commonly used in respiratory, anesthesia and emergency treatment. Its main function is to ensure that the patient's airway is unobstructed and maintain the stability of the airway for effective ventilation and oxygenation.


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  • With the advancement of science and technology and the development of laboratory medicine, rapid blood sugar meters are currently one of the most widely used instruments for self-monitoring in hospitals and families at all levels because of their small size, easy to carry, simple operation, and quick report generation.


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  • Cardiovascular interventional therapy is a medical technology that diagnoses and treats heart and blood vessels through non-surgical methods. It has the advantages of being minimally invasive, safe and effective, and can significantly improve the quality of life of patients.


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  • Hemodialysis is a well-known dialysis method. Simply put, it takes the patient's blood out of the body, removes excess water and toxins through the machine, and then transports the blood back into the body. This is equivalent to the patient's own kidney failure. The blood is put into a machine outside the body, which replaces the kidney function, and the "purified" blood is returned to the patient. Similarly, peritoneal dialysis is actually the process of replacing the external machine with your own peritoneum for dialysis.


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