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  • Hemodialysis is a well-known dialysis method. Simply put, it takes the patient's blood out of the body, removes excess water and toxins through the machine, and then transports the blood back into the body. This is equivalent to the patient's own kidney failure. The blood is put into a machine outside the body, which replaces the kidney function, and the "purified" blood is returned to the patient. Similarly, peritoneal dialysis is actually the process of replacing the external machine with your own peritoneum for dialysis.


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  • VSD(vacuum sealing drainage ), refers to using polyethylene alcohol-hydrated seaweed salt foam dressing containing drainage tubes to cover or fill wounds with skin and soft tissue defects, and then sealing them with biological semipermeable membranes to make them It becomes a closed space, and finally the drainage tube is connected to the negative pressure source, which is a new treatment method that promotes wound healing through controllable negative pressure.


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  • MVA is manual negative pressure abortion, which specifically refers to the method of terminating early pregnancy abortion using a disposable plastic manual negative pressure aspirator and a double-window suction tube. This method is conducive to improving the safety of artificial abortion and reducing the pain of women during the abortion operation. Since this technology does not require routine dilation of the cervix during abortion surgery and the routine use of curettes to scratch the uterine cavity after aspiration, it not only reduces abortion injuries but also reduces the operator's operational risks.


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  • Oximeter, as an important part of modern medical monitoring equipment, has been widely used in clinical medical treatment and home health monitoring. Through innovative technical means, the oximeter can non-invasively monitor blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and perfusion index (PI) at any time, providing extremely important data support for medical diagnosis and health management.


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  • Blood pressure is one of the important indicators of human health. Blood pressure measurement is the main means to understand blood pressure levels, diagnose hypertension, guide treatment, evaluate antihypertensive efficacy, and observe changes in disease conditions.


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