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Good Quality Pen Blood Lancet Device with Smooth Puncture

  • CNME070502-4

Good Quality Pen Blood Lancet Device with Smooth Puncture
800-lancing device (4)

Lancing Device Description:

The lancing device is intended for obtaining a drop of capillary blood for testing purposes from the side of a fingertip and from other sites.The lancing device is for the single user. And the lancing device is reusable. It provides more convenient, more comfortable,and easier operation for the users.

Lancing Device Steps:

1.Pull off the cap of the lancing device.
2.Insert a new, sterile lancet into the needle holder until it stops.
3.Twist-off the protective cap of lancet.
4.Attach the cap to lancing device.
5.Twist the cap to select penetration depth.
6.Pull the rear sliding barrel back until it clicks. You will see the color change inside the release button.
7.Press the cap to the side of the fingertip. Press the release button to puncture the finger.
8.Remove the used lancet by pulling the cap first.
9.Push the used lancet needle into the middle of the exposed side of the cap.
10.Push the ejector forward to eject the used lancet into an appropriate container.

Cleaning and sterilization:

Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the outside of the Lancing Device. To avoid rusting the internal spring, DO NOT put the device in water or wash the device in the dishwasher.
Disinfect the cap by placing it in 70% alcohol for 10 minutes and then allow it to air dry.

•To prevent possible infection, DO NOT share used lancets with another person.
•Always use a new, sterile lancet. A lancet should only be used once.
•Dispose of lancet in a safe manner to avoid accidental stick injuries.
•Keep out of reach of children. The lancing device contains some small parts which could result in choking hazard for children.


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