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Comparing Non-Woven and Gauze swabs

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Dressings are used to cover wounds to help prevent infection and protect them from further damage. Dressings can also be used to apply pressure to the wound to promote blood clotting. Use sterile dressings whenever possible. If sterile dressings are not available, a clean, non-fluffy piece of material can be used as a simple dressing and secured in place with a piece of cloth. Swabs are commonly used medical tools. Here are some of the information I found.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of swabs:

1) Non-woven swabs

2) Gauze swab

3) Conclusion


1) Non-woven swabs

Swabs are available in various sizes of material squares. They are very useful because they can be used as absorbent dressings for cleaning around the wound and for drying around the wound after washing. Gauze swabs are made of open cotton material and nonwoven swabs are made of material made of bonded fibers. Individual swabs usually have 4 to 8 layers of material. Only sterile swabs should be used to dress wounds.

Non-woven swabs. Cheap, plentiful and very useful. Available in sterile and non-sterile packaging. Dressing pads can be made from folded gauze or some swabs. Be careful not to touch the surface of the pad that will come in contact with the wound. Tape or rolled bandages can be used to hold this dressing in place. If you have a choice between cotton gauze and nonwoven material, and both are sterile, use the nonwoven material for wound contact because it will not leave lint on the wound. Otherwise, use either of the sterile ones.


2) Gauze swab

A common tool used in the medical field and found in most first aid kits, gauze swabs are a sterile material made primarily of cotton, usually used with antibacterial ointments or creams to clean and cover open wounds or cuts. Gauze is usually distributed in a pre-packaged single piece, which usually contains two sterilized gauze swabs.

Using gauze swabs - Gauze swabs are helpful in treating minor injuries. The severity of the injury should be assessed before administering any common first aid kit accessories (such as gauze swabs) to the injured person. Any moderate to severe injury should be treated by a physician. When the gauze is used on minor injuries, the gauze package should be inspected prior to use to ensure that the package is intact. Gauze should not be used in unsterilized, intact packages because of the risk of infection.

Swabs should be kept clean when opening the gauze packet and when applying the swab to the wound. Thorough hand washing with soap and water should be done before opening the gauze swab pack. When opening the gauze swab packet, firmly grasp the corner of the packet, tear the corner and make sure that the corner of the gauze swab is also grasped. While grasping the corner of the gauze between the edges of the packet, simply pull the corner of the packet away from the rest of the packet. After removing the gauze from the packet without gauze and after direct contact, it can be used to clean small wounds or wounds If contact with the gauze swab cannot be avoided, only the corner of the swab should be touched. To ensure that direct contact with the open wound parts in contact remain sterile.

Antibiotic cream may be applied to the wound prior to dressing. Wounds that require long-term care should be changed frequently. If a gauze swab looks wet or dirty, it is best to replace it with a new sterile swab. Swabs should be disposed of in a hygienic manner after use or contamination.

Hands should be washed with soap and water before opening a gauze swab. Gauze swabs are commonly used to clean and cover injuries after a fall.


3) Conclusion

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