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What is included in a typical anesthesia package for surgery?

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CNME080803-2Spinal Kit (AS-S)

Spinal kits, also known as spinal anesthesia kits or spinal puncture sets, are specialized medical devices used to administer spinal anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia is a type of regional anesthesia that numbs a specific region of the body, usually from the waist down, by injecting medication directly into the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the spinal cord.


The use of spinal anesthesia has several advantages over other types of anesthesia, including faster recovery time, fewer side effects, and lower risk of complications.


1.Portability: Anesthesia kits are designed to be easy to carry and transport. They are usually lightweight and compact for easy carrying or storage.


2.Durability: They are made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand damage from humidity, heat and other environmental factors.


3.Versatility: Anesthesia kits contain a variety of tools that can be used for items including airway management devices, oxygen tanks, IV fluids and lines, and drug delivery systems.


4.Safety: Anesthesia kits are designed specifically to monitor patient vital signs and respond quickly to any changes in these parameters.


5.User-friendly: Anesthesia kits are often packaged in designs that include clear instructions for use, and the equipment is easy to clean and maintain.



CNME080804-2Epidural Kit (AS-E)

Epidural anesthesia is a regional anesthesia technique that involves injecting an anesthetic drug into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord.Epidural anesthesia is commonly used during labor and delivery to provide pain relief for women during childbirth. It is also used for postoperative pain management and for managing chronic pain conditions.


The epidural kit includes a needle that is inserted through the skin and into the epidural space. The needle is then used to guide a catheter into the space, through which the anesthetic drugs are delivered. The catheter is typically left in place so that additional doses of the anesthetic can be administered as needed.




1.Pain Relief: Epidurals are commonly used during labor and delivery to relieve the pain of contractions.


2.Quick Relief: Epidurals can provide quick and effective pain relief.


3.Adjustable: The catheter is adjustable, allowing the medical provider to regulate the amount of medication being administered.


4.Sterile: The Epidural Kit is sterilized to prevent infections.


5.Flexible: The catheter is flexible and can be adjusted for optimal placement.


6.Controlled Medication: The medication delivered through the catheter is directly targeted to the specific area and is controlled by the medical provider.


7.Shorter Hospital Stays: Pain relief provided by an Epidural Kit can shorten hospital stays and improve patient recovery.


8.Improved Patient Experience: Epidurals can improve the patient's experience during childbirth or surgery by reducing pain and anxiety.


CNME080805-1Epidural and Spinal combined kit AS-E/S

An epidural and spinal combined kit is a combination of two pain relief methods epidural and spinal anesthesia.Combined epidural and spinal kits provide the benefits of both types of anesthesia in a single procedure. The procedure typically involves the insertion of a needle into the epidural space, followed by the insertion of a smaller needle through the first needle and into the spinal space. This allows for the delivery of both epidural and spinal medication in a controlled and precise manner.


The combined spinal-epidural (CSE) with NTN method, a relatively recent anaesthetic option, starts with a subarachnoid injection, is followed by the insertion of an epidural catheter, and then epidural drugs are given. The early onset of the spinal medicines and subsequent administration of medications for extended anaesthesia provide rapid pain alleviation or the induction of regional anaesthesia.


The features of the epidural and spinal combined kit include:


1.Versatility: The CSE kit allows for the administration of both spinal and epidural anesthesia, which provides greater flexibility in pain management during labor and delivery or surgical procedures.


2.Precision: The spinal needle in the CSE kit is designed to deliver medication directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, providing rapid and effective pain relief.


3.Effective pain relief: The CSE kit provides fast and effective pain relief during labor and delivery or surgical procedures.


4.Shorter recovery time: The CSE kit can help reduce the time it takes for patients to recover from the effects of anesthesia and return to their normal activities.


5.Safer: The CSE kit is designed to minimize the risk of complications associated with spinal and epidural anesthesia, such as bleeding, infection, and nerve damage.

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