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Do you know anesthesia kits?

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CNME080802What are anaesthesia kits?

Anesthesia kits are just a general term. There are many types of anesthesia kits, including disposable general anaesthesia kit , spinal kit, epidural kit, epidural and spinal united kit. It is mainly to provide safety guarantee for the normal operation; it is sterile, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic to prevent cross-infection; the anesthesia package is fully equipped, which is convenient for medical staff to use and saves preparation time.

Do you know about anesthesia?CNME080803-2

There are two general categories of anesthesia. One type is general anesthesia. At present, gas inhalation general anesthesia and liquid injection general anesthesia are more mainstream. Anesthetic agents can be injected into the body through inhalation, intravenous, intramuscular injection or rectal perfusion to inhibit the central nervous system. Within a few minutes after anesthesia, you will gradually lose consciousness until you fall asleep, so that you will feel no pain all over your body. In the case of general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and the muscles of the whole body are relaxed. At this time, the patient should be inserted with an endotracheal tube, connected to the anesthesia machine and monitoring equipment, and set the number of breaths and the oxygen required for each breath. amount, the implementation of mechanical ventilation. In this case, the patient can only breathe through the machine.

The other is local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is the use of local anesthetics, which are injected into the corresponding parts to block the nerve plexus, nerve trunk or spinal nerves and thinner peripheral nerve endings, so that a certain part of the body temporarily loses consciousness but the patient's Consciousness is lucid.

What is the scope of application of the anesthesia bag?

General Anaesthesia Kit

One-time use for airway establishment and anesthesia ventilation operation. When the patient is under general anesthesia, the airway is guaranteed to be unobstructed under anesthesia. Oxygen, endangering the life of the patient. This one product offers a wide range of optional configurations.

Spinal Kit

It is used for subarachnoid block anesthesia for puncture and drug injection; the advantages of this anesthesia bag are fast action, stable effect, and high success rate. Local anesthesia is performed on patients in clinical operations, which can meet the requirements of minor operations. And the operation recovery is faster, suitable for lower limbs or lower abdomen operations, such as femur, foot, appendectomy, labor analgesia, hemorrhoids, uterus, ovary, perineal and other operations.

Epidural Kit

Specially designed for short-term and long-term continuous anesthesia and pain management, in sterile blister packaging, individually packaged, used for puncture and injection of drugs in the method of human epidural nerve block anesthesia; epidural puncture points according to the surgical site After a successful puncture, an epidural catheter can be placed, and local anesthetic can be added during the operation as needed, without being limited by the operation time; it can be used for any operation except the head, and any operation used for subarachnoid space block can also be used. Epidural anesthesia is used; from a safety point of view, it is more suitable for operations on the abdomen and below, such as urology, obstetrics and gynecology, and lower limb surgery; neck, upper limb and chest can be used, but the management is more complicated.

Epidural Spinal United Kit

It is used for human epidural nerve block and subarachnoid block anesthesia for puncture and drug injection; this method combines subarachnoid block with quick effect, high reliability, good muscle relaxation, low toxicity and The time of epidural block is controllable, and it can be used for postoperative analgesia, etc., so that it has greater flexibility in the selection of techniques and anesthetic drugs during anesthesia and analgesia; it is suitable for some lower abdomen and lower limb operations, especially It is an operation that requires good muscle relaxation and long anesthesia time, such as pelvic surgery. Better anesthesia effect and higher safety can be achieved. Eliminate patients' fear and psychological pressure on surgery and anesthesia.

Characteristics of the our anesthesia bag?

General Anaesthesia Kit

1.Customizable endotracheal tubes.

2.Used for general anesthesia for patients in clinical surgery.

3.With safety and reliability,effectively avoid cross infection.

4.For airway establishment and anesthesia-ventilation procedures.

Spinal Kit

1.Modular design.

2.Use for preoperative anesthesia puncture.

3.Needle bevel enables smooth,sharpness,maximize,patient comfort.

4.Medical fluid filter can remove 2μm mote to avoid pollution.

5.Markings on the needle make it easy to determine the depth of needle insertion.

Epidural Kit

1.Quick and effective to improve the success rate of anesthesia.

2.Kink and crush resistant design for durability and reliability.

3.Supplied with individual twist lock connectors for surgical safety.

4.Polished inner bevel edge minimizes the risk of catheter shearing.

5.Markings on the needle make it easy to determine the depth of needle insertion.

Epidural Spinal United Kit

1.LOR indicator syringe makes puncture process visualized, improves success rate and safety of puncture.

2.Anti-injury anesthesia catheter has strong tensile property, reduces injury during placement.

3.The epidural needle deals with special process, has clear puncture feeling and smooth insertion of anesthesia catheter.

4.Pencil-point spinal needle deals with special process, makes puncture point heal quickly and automatically and reduces postoperative headache rate.


Common quality problems of anesthesia kits.

1. During general anesthesia and intubation, the intubation balloon has many folds after pumping air, and the endotracheal intubation tube is difficult to insert and remove. Poor ventilation etc.

2. During puncture anesthesia, the puncture needle tube is astringent, the needle tip is not sharp enough or too sharp, etc., making it difficult to insert the needle, and the puncture resistance is high; the depth and direction of the needle insertion cannot be accurately controlled, which seriously causes blood vessel damage and rupture.

3. The spinal anesthesia needle is too soft and easy to bend; the cerebrospinal fluid is released slowly.

4. The needle tip of the epidural needle is not smooth enough, which affects the smooth penetration of the catheter and seriously punctures the dura mater.

5. The epidural catheter was folded and blocked, which affected the administration of drugs during the operation.

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