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Which thermometer is better mercury or digital

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In the early days, we used mostly mercury thermometers. You can use the mercury thermometer to measure the temperature from your mouth or underarm when you have a fever. But with the development of technology, digital thermometers gradually began to become popular, and also you can use the digital thermometer for fever, Mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer, which one is better?This article will help you to find the advantages of a digital thermometer compared with a mercury thermometer.


The advantages of digital thermometer will be as follow:


Digital thermometers show the result fast

The digital thermometer is safer than the mercury thermometer

The result from the digital thermometer is more accurate than the mercury thermometer


1. Digital thermometers show the result fast


Mercury thermometers expand and contract by heat and cold.


A small amount of mercury is placed at the bottom of the thermometer, and as heat heats the bottom of the thermometer, the volume of mercury increases, pushing the mercury up on a narrow tube so that we can actually read the increase on the thermometer.


But because mercury in a thermometer has to wait for it to heat up and then rise slowly to show its temperature, each reading takes a long time. 


Digital thermometers, on the other hand, use the latest technology, it can catch the temperature suddenly, at any time anywhere.


The principle of digital thermometers is mainly based on the heat resistance of metals. As metal gets hot, it expands at the expected rate used to determine temperature.


Some digital thermometers use tiny electronic circuits to help measure temperature.


Different temperatures allow for different energy flows. The electromotive force flows through electrodes that calculate the current, and the microchip in the thermometer converts the measurements into a digital reading.


2. Digital thermometer is safer than the mercury thermometer


Usually, the mercury thermometer is made of glass. However, the glass is very fragile, that is to say, it breaks easily.


Mercury is a toxic chemical that contaminates the body and surrounding areas if released, making it unsafe. It's also hard to clean up. In fact, mercury thermometers are being phased out in many countries around the world and are not allowed to be sold to customers because of their hazards.


On the other hand, the electronic thermometer is much safer than a mercury thermometer. Just like your phone or other electronics, even children can use it. And there are digital thermometer models that can be used to measure temperatures above the boiling point of mercury or below the freezing point of mercury.


3. The result from the digital thermometer is more accurate than the mercury thermometer


In fact, some digital thermometers also include thermocouple sensors on the probe, which have been measured and calculated to provide very high accuracy without the need for calibration like mercury thermostats.


Calibration is the measurement performed on a thermometer to check the reading. After testing the thermometer, it is adjusted or recalibrated to provide the correct reading. To do this, place the thermometer in a boiling hot or cold bath and use the temperature to adjust.


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