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What Is Manual Vacuum Aspiration?

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Manual Vacuum Aspiration


Artificial abortion is a remedial measure after contraceptive failure, mainly including traditional negative pressure uterine aspiration and medical abortion. The instruments required for negative pressure uterine aspiration are divided into electric negative pressure aspirators and traditional manual negative pressure aspirators; in actual applications, the aspirator used in artificial abortion surgery needs to be connected to the suction tube and extended into the uterus, directly By contacting the tissue on the endometrium, the embryonic tissue is sucked out of the uterus through negative pressure suction to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.

Because the size of human embryonic tissue after 5-6 weeks of growth is very different from that after 8-10 weeks of growth, the amount of uterine aspiration is different, and the maximum negative pressure required for uterine aspiration is also completely different; Moreover, at different stages of negative pressure uterine aspiration, the requirements for negative pressure are also different. If traditional negative pressure aspiration is used, the adaptive adjustment ability is poor and it is impossible to achieve different needs for patients with different pregnancy cycles and during the operation. Specific negative pressure aspiration operations are implemented at each stage, so using traditional negative pressure aspirators often causes endometrial damage due to excessive suction, or leads to incomplete miscarriage. In addition, the maximum negative pressure of the barrel of the traditional negative pressure uterine suction device is about 375 mmhg. It can only be used for patients with unplanned pregnancy at 5-7 weeks, and cannot be used for patients with unintended pregnancy at 8-10 weeks because of its The maximum negative pressure for uterine suction still fails to meet relevant technical requirements.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration

MVA is manual negative pressure abortion, which specifically refers to the method of terminating early pregnancy abortion using a disposable plastic manual negative pressure aspirator and a double-window suction tube. This method is conducive to improving the safety of artificial abortion and reducing the pain of women during the abortion operation. Since this technology does not require routine dilation of the cervix during abortion surgery and the routine use of curettes to scratch the uterine cavity after aspiration, it not only reduces abortion injuries but also reduces the operator's operational risks.

The results of the study confirmed that the use of MVA does not require dilation of the cervix under normal circumstances; the number of times the suction tube enters and exits the uterine cavity is reduced; the negative pressure is moderate and stable; the entire process is silent; the device is made of non-metallic material and causes minimal damage to mucosal tissue; routine scratching is not required after aspirating the products of pregnancy. Curettage of the uterine cavity. The complete abortion rate of MVA is similar to that of electric negative pressure aspiration (EVA), but MVA is less likely to cause pain, less bleeding, and has a lower incidence of induced abortion syndrome; the MVA instrument is a disposable sterile set, which can avoid cross-infection , operators and service recipients are more satisfied.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration


Reduce risk

①Non-metallic instruments reduce the chance of uterine perforation.

②Reduce the number of times the suction tube goes in and out of the uterine cavity to avoid damage and infection.

③Less bleeding, mild pain, and rapid postoperative recovery.

④Disposable to avoid cross-infection.

Improve efficiency

①The disposable soft and thin straw has the triple functions of measuring the uterine cavity, dilating the cervix, and aspirating the uterus. There is no need to separately dilate the cervix and scratch the uterine cavity, and it is easy to operate.

②The negative pressure is stable and requires no adjustment.

③The device is lightweight and portable, and multiple types of soft and thin straws are available.

④No need to clean and disinfect equipment.

Increase acceptability

①There is no noise during the suction process.

②Prevent the client from aggravating pain caused by noise and causing agitation.

③The pain of service recipients is low and service satisfaction is improved.

④Reduce the cost of surgery and conform to the characteristics of health economics.


MVA is suitable for all women who need termination of pregnancy within 10 weeks, uterine evacuation, and diagnostic curettage. Based on the principle of reducing the harm of abortion, MVA is also particularly suitable for the following groups:①Unmarried and childless women within 10 weeks of pregnancy;②People with repeated abortions;③Those with a small uterus or cervix;④Patients with infectious diseases (such as human immunodeficiency) People with viral infections, etc.);⑤People with contraindications to anesthesia;⑥People who are unwilling to choose anesthesia.

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