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The zinc oxide plaster definition and introduction

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When you get injury, you may need zinc oxide plaster to secure wound dressings. But, you may have a lot of questions. In this article we will help you to deal with those questions as follow:


1. What is the zinc oxide plaster


Zinc oxide plaster is a variant of medical tape made of cotton. Adhesives are low allergenic and are designed to be removed from the skin without damaging it. Zinc oxide plasters are made of materials that provide flexibility and strength. The zinc oxide plaster is equipped with a hot melt adhesive, which enables the adhesive force to last for a considerable period of time, thus reducing the need for constant re-adhesive tape. The duration of the hot melt is even longer than the conventional bonding capacity of zinc oxide adhesives.


The zinc oxide plaster removes easily from the skin without damaging even the most sensitive skin types.


Zinc oxide plasters are widely used in hospitals, clinics, advanced living facilities, workplaces, schools, and homes for both professional and consumer needs. Its main focus is on athletic applications, that is, wrapping up athletic injuries, preventing muscle and ligament damage, stabilizing joints, and being able to absorb water (such as sweat) while maintaining a firm grip.


The zinc oxide plaster can withstand stress, which may come from the dynamic movements involved in exercise and exercise.


The zinc oxide plaster can be applied to wet skin while maintaining its bonding power.


The zinc oxide plasters must be durable enough to protect the wound, and retain a degree of flexibility so that they can move with the wearer's movements and movements without loosening, causing the dressing to fall off.


2. The zinc oxide plaster benefits


l Zinc oxide plaster is easy to carry, easy to use when traveling, and can be easily stored in a first aid kit.

l Zinc oxide plasters are easy to use and require little instruction;

l A variety of sizes of zinc oxide plasters are available. Some cuts are larger and shallower and require more dressing, so a wider, longer tape is needed to secure them. 

l Zinc oxide plaster can fix the dressing and help the healing process.

l Zinc oxide plaster is moisture-proof and ideal for sports applications such as sweat absorption.

l An ideal choice for motion-related applications;

l The price is very affordable, so it is widely suitable for people.


3. Matters needing attention


l It is important that the zinc oxide plaster is not reused. Once used, the device is not suitable for reuse because it cannot remain sterile. The reused tape can cause infection to spread or lose its stickiness, so the dressing cannot be fixed properly.

l The zinc oxide plaster must be prepared for use in a clean, sterile, free of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;

l Zinc oxide plaster should be stored in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, it may reduce tape stickiness and its ability to hold dressings.

l Promptly and safely dispose of all tapes that have come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces;

l There is no breathable version of this type of tape, so this breathability must be considered when selecting this type of tape;

l Care must be taken to minimize pressure on the injury if an injury is to be ensured and physical activity or any other form of dynamic exercise is to be performed.

l If the zinc oxide plaster is stained with blood or any other body material, it must be treated as biohazard waste.


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