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Precautions for buying a surgical headlight

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Sometimes a surgical headlight is very important when you doing surgery. But choosing a nice surgical headlight is not that easy. In this article, we will tell some precautions for buying a surgical headlight. The precautions will as follow:


Differences between the surgical headlight and other headlights

How can surgical headlight help you in practice

When you need a surgical headlight

Steps to use the surgical headlight


1. Differences between the surgical headlight and other headlights


What makes surgical LED headlights different from operable headlights? A lot of normal headlights said they can be used in surgery. But if you buy them, you will regret it.


Although normal headlights and surgical headlights have the same principle and usage, the two lighting systems differ in energy efficiency, comfort, ease of use, and storage.


Unlike traditional lights, surgical headlight is very light. They don't take up too much space. They can be worn with a wrapper or frame around the headband. In most cases, surgical headlights are used with a surgical magnifying glass. They can be mounted on top of the magnifying glass frame. Surgical headlights are also more energy-efficient. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and their LED bulbs are also cooler than normal headlight. The surgical headlight is also easier to use and adjust, you can adjust to any angle for you to do the surgery.


2.How can surgical headlight help you in practice


For surgeons, who usually work on small, complex objects, precision is everything. No matter how skilled a surgeon you are, if your operating room environment does not allow you to see the operating area very clearly, your accuracy and surgical results will be affected.


In addition to a good set of surgical magnifying glasses, it is also important to use lighting equipment (such as surgical headlights) to provide you with the right amount, quality, and consistency of lighting.


3.When you need a surgical headlight


You could say that the operating room where you normally do all the surgery is equipped with overhead operating lights. If you already have enough lighting, why use surgical LED headlights?


The answer is simple. Surgical LED headlights provide greater freedom of movement. It does not require you to manually adjust the angle if you need to change the light direction. In addition, unlike overhead lights, they don't cast shadows in your surgical field of vision. It will be convenient for you to focus on your own.


4.Steps to use the surgical headlight


Set up the headlight system correctly. In the long run, one of the best ways to avoid headlamp failure is to set up the surgical headlight correctly after receiving it.


l Make sure the battery is charged

l Wear the headlamp and adjust the top strap so that the headlamp is positioned at the optimal height on the forehead and is fixed

l Turn on the battery

l Adjust the brightness of the bulb

l Adjust the headlight to a concentric position between the eyes at the top of the nose. If using a magnifying glass, align the lighting with your field of view.

l Adjust the spot size according to your preferences

l If necessary, readjust the light intensity.


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