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How Do You Use A IV Cannula?

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Disposable IV Cannula


Disposable indwelling needles are medical devices used to establish intravenous channels in patients for infusion, blood transfusion, drug injection and monitoring.

Used in conjunction with infusion sets and blood transfusion sets, it can be left in blood vessels for a period of time and used for puncture and input of human fluids, blood collection, or arterial blood pressure monitoring and continuous arterial blood gas monitoring.


1.Hygiene and safety:Disposable design avoids the risk of cross-infection and ensures patient safety.

2.Convenient and fast:Using disposable indwelling needles can save operating time and improve the work efficiency of medical staff.

3.Comfort:Disposable indwelling needles are usually made of soft materials to reduce discomfort to the patient.

4.Visibility:Indwelling needles usually have a transparent shell, which facilitates medical staff to observe the condition of the intravenous channel.

Disposable IV Cannula


1.Different sizes:Depending on the age and body shape of the patient, the size of the indwelling needle can vary.

2.Different lengths:The length of the indwelling needle can be adjusted according to the required indwelling depth.

3.Different materials:Indwelling needles are usually made of different materials, such as polyurethane, silicone, etc.


1.Infusion of drugs:Disposable indwelling needles can deliver drugs into the patient's veins or arteries through the catheter. This method ensures fast and accurate delivery of drugs and avoids the pain and inconvenience of repeated punctures.

2.Infusion:The disposable indwelling needle can connect the infusion bag and the patient's blood vessel to deliver liquid into the patient's body. This method ensures the safety and effectiveness of the infusion and reduces the risk of infection.

3.Collect blood samples:Disposable indwelling needles can collect venous blood samples from patients through catheters. This approach reduces patient pain and discomfort while ensuring the quality and accuracy of the blood samples collected.

4.Monitor vital signs:Disposable indwelling needles can be connected to monitoring equipment, such as sphygmomanometers, electrocardiographs, etc., to monitor the patient's vital signs. This method can monitor the patient's health status in real time, detect abnormalities in time and take corresponding treatment measures.

5.Long-term indwelling:Disposable indwelling needles can be used when patients require long-term indwelling catheters. This method can reduce the pain and discomfort of patients while making it easier for medical staff to perform treatment and care operations.

Disposable IV Cannula

Clinical application

In clinical applications, disposable indwelling needles are mainly used in long-term infusion, chemotherapy, hemodialysis and other treatment processes. It can be inserted into the patient's veins to deliver drugs or liquids into the patient's body for therapeutic purposes. At the same time, the indwelling needle can also be used to collect blood samples and conduct laboratory tests, providing doctors with important diagnostic basis.


1.Select an indwelling needle of appropriate specifications and models based on the patient's specific conditions and needs to ensure the quality and applicability of the indwelling needle.

2.Before using the indwelling needle, it must be disinfected to ensure the sterility of the instrument and reduce the risk of infection.

3.When using an indwelling needle, you need to pay attention to the standardization and skill of the operation to avoid unnecessary harm to the patient.

4.After use, the indwelling needle should be removed in time to avoid infection or other complications caused by long-term indwelling.

5.During use, pay attention to the patient's reaction and condition changes, and promptly adjust the position and use of the indwelling needle.

6.During use, attention should be paid to the care and maintenance of the indwelling needle, replace the indwelling needle regularly, and avoid using expired or damaged instruments.

7.When using indwelling needles, you should follow the disposal specifications of medical waste and correctly classify and dispose of discarded indwelling needles to ensure environmental hygiene and safety.

Disposable IV Cannula

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