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Does Your Baby Need A Heel Prick Test?

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Heel blood lancet


Heel blood lancet is used to collect blood samples from the baby's heel area.


1.Non-invasive: The heel blood lancet uses non-invasive technology and does not need to puncture the baby's skin, reducing pain and discomfort to the baby.

2.Safety: The heel blood lancet adopts professional design to ensure the safety and reliability of blood collection. It can accurately collect enough blood samples to meet the needs of clinical testing.

3.Convenience: The heel blood lancet is simple to operate and can be used without professional training. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and store for use on different occasions.


1.Convenient collection: The unique design of the heel blood lancet can quickly and easily collect blood samples from babies. Compared to the traditional fingertip blood prick method, the heel prick can reduce pain and discomfort for the baby.

2.Blood volume control: The heel blood lancet has a certain blood volume control function, which can ensure that sufficient blood samples are collected for clinical testing. This is very important for blood sample collection in infants because their blood volumes are relatively small.

3.Safety: The heel blood lancet is designed with the safety of the baby in mind, using soft materials and a shape suitable for the baby's heel. This reduces damage and irritation to the baby's heels.

4.Scope of application: The heel blood lancet is suitable for various clinical testing items, including blood routine, biochemical indicators, infectious disease screening, etc. It can provide enough blood samples for various testing projects.

5.Easy to operate: The operation of the heel blood lancet is relatively simple, and medical staff only need to follow the instructions in the instructions. This saves time and energy for medical staff.

Clinical application

1.Newborn screening: The heel blood lancet can be used for newborn screening projects, such as newborn thyroid function, phenylketonuria, etc. By collecting a heel blood sample, potential genetic metabolic diseases can be detected early so that they can be treated promptly.

2.Blood gas analysis: The heel blood lancet can also be used to collect heel blood samples for blood gas analysis. Blood gas analysis can provide important information about oxygenation status, acid-base balance, and electrolyte levels, and is very helpful in monitoring a patient's respiratory and circulatory function.

3.Hematology examination: The heel blood lancet can also be used to conduct some routine hematology examinations, such as blood routine, blood type identification, etc. With a heel prick, enough blood samples can be obtained to perform a variety of hematology tests to help doctors assess a patient's health.

4.Infectious disease detection: The heel blood lancet can also be used to detect some infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B virus, HIV, etc. Through heel pricking, blood samples can be easily obtained for virus testing, helping to detect and treat infectious diseases early.


1.Choose the appropriate heel blood lancet: Choose the appropriate heel blood lancet according to the baby's age and weight, and ensure that the size and shape of the blood collection device are suitable for the baby's heel.

2.Sterilize instruments: Before using the heel blood lancet, ensure that the instrument has been thoroughly sterilized to avoid cross-infection.

3.Preparation of the blood collection site: Before blood collection, clean the baby's heel first. You can use sterile sterilized cotton balls to wipe it to ensure that the blood collection site is clean.

4.Blood collection skills: When collecting blood, press the heel gently to concentrate the blood in the blood vessels of the heel, and then use a heel blood lancet to collect blood. Be careful not to press too hard to avoid discomfort to the baby.

5.Blood collection volume control: According to clinical needs, control the blood collection volume to avoid too much or too little blood collection.

6.Post-blood collection processing: After blood collection, promptly handle the heel blood lancet and blood samples to ensure safe handling and correct labeling.

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