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Disposable Medical Laryngeal Mask

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medical laryngeal mask


It usually consists of a cuff, an inflatable tube, a laryngeal mask intubation, a machine end, a connector, an indicator balloon, etc. After being inserted into the throat, the cuff is inflated to block the mouth and esophagus while keeping the patient's trachea open. Generally provided sterile and disposable.

Disposable medical laryngeal mask is a device used during respiration, anesthesia and first aid to maintain ventilation and oxygen supply to patients.


1.Hygiene and safety: Disposable design can avoid the risk of cross-infection and ensure patient safety.

2.Convenient and fast: no need for cleaning and disinfection, easy to use, saving time and labor.

3.High comfort: The laryngeal mask is made of soft material and fits the patient's face, providing a comfortable ventilation experience.

4.Wide range of applications: Disposable medical laryngeal masks are suitable for patients of all ages, including adults, children and infants.

medical laryngeal mask


1. Laryngeal mask: The laryngeal mask is the main part of laryngeal mask ventilation, usually made of soft medical-grade silicone or plastic.

2. Connecting tube: The connecting tube is used to connect the laryngeal mask and the ventilator or oxygen supply equipment to achieve ventilation and oxygen delivery.

3. Air bag: Some models of laryngeal masks are also equipped with inflatable air bags to ensure the tightness of the laryngeal mask and the patient's face.


1. Adult type: suitable for adult patients, usually with larger laryngeal mask size and connecting tube diameter.

2. Children's type: suitable for pediatric patients, the size of the laryngeal mask and the diameter of the connecting tube are smaller.

3. Infant type: suitable for infant patients, with smaller laryngeal mask size and connecting tube diameter.

medical laryngeal mask


1.Airway management: Medical laryngeal mask can effectively maintain the patient's airway unobstructed and prevent airway obstruction and dyspnea. It can be placed correctly between the patient's mouth and throat to form a sealed channel, allowing gas to enter the patient's lungs smoothly.

2.Artificial ventilation: Medical laryngeal mask can be used for artificial ventilation, that is, a mixture of oxygen and exhaled breath is provided to the patient through the laryngeal mask to maintain the patient's respiratory function. Medical laryngeal masks are often used in conjunction with equipment such as ventilators or manual air bags and can be adjusted and controlled based on the patient's needs.

3.Anesthesia auxiliary: Medical laryngeal mask also plays an important auxiliary role during anesthesia. It can be used to administer anesthetic drugs and maintain ventilation to patients, while also monitoring the patient's breathing and oxygen levels.

4.Quick emergency: Medical laryngeal mask is fast and simple, and is suitable for airway management in first aid and emergencies. It can be quickly placed in the patient's mouth and throat in a short period of time to provide emergency airway support and ventilation.

Clinical application

In clinical applications, disposable medical laryngeal masks are mainly used in the following aspects. First, it can be used as an auxiliary tool for anesthesia induction to help medical staff perform tracheal intubation more easily. Secondly, it can be used to maintain the patient's ventilation and keep the respiratory tract open. In addition, disposable medical laryngeal masks can also be used for artificial ventilation during first aid to provide patients with timely and effective respiratory support. In general, disposable medical laryngeal masks have important clinical applications in the fields of respiratory, anesthesia and first aid. Its convenience, safety and adaptability make it an important tool for medical staff, providing patients with reliable respiratory support.

medical laryngeal mask


1.Choose the appropriate size: Medical laryngeal masks come in different sizes. The appropriate size should be selected according to the patient's age, weight and gender to ensure sealing and ventilation effects.

2.Check the integrity: Before use, check whether the laryngeal mask is complete and free of damage or contamination. If any problems are found, replace them immediately.

3.Correct placement: Place the laryngeal mask above the patient's mouth and nasal cavity, ensuring that the laryngeal mask fits closely with the face to avoid air leakage.

4.Adjust the air bag: The air bag on the laryngeal mask should be inflated to the appropriate pressure to ensure tightness. Over-inflation may result in compression of the patient's soft tissues, while under-inflation may result in air leakage.

5.Observe the ventilation condition: During use, the patient's ventilation condition should be closely observed to ensure that the airway is unobstructed and breathing is smooth.

6.Follow the instructions for use: Follow the instructions for use of the medical laryngeal mask and follow the correct usage methods and steps.

7.Do not reuse after discarding: Disposable medical laryngeal masks are used to avoid cross-infection. They should be discarded immediately after use and must not be reused.

medical laryngeal mask

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