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Blood Glucose Lancing Device

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The blood collection pen is a pen-type blood collection device that is used in conjunction with a disposable sterile blood collection needle. It is a manual ejection-type auxiliary blood collection device for collecting peripheral blood samples from the human body. 

About blood collection pen depth

The depth of the blood collection pen is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 levels of depth. "1" represents shallow, "2", "3", "4", and "5" represent increasing depth in sequence. Adjust the number ring according to the patient's skin condition, and align the arrow with the required number. "1" gear is suitable for delicate skin, "2" and "3" gears are suitable for normal skin, and "4" and "5" gears are suitable for rough skin.

How to use

1.Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly.

Remove the cap of the lancing device

2.Insert a new lancet into the lancet carrier.Push down firmly until it is fully secured.

3.Remove the protective cap from the lancet and save it for later use.

Replace the cap of the lancing device by pushing it back in.

4.Choose the desired depth of penetration to get a good blood sample with the least amount of discomfort.

5.Pull the lancing device until it clicks.

The lancing device is now prepared and ready for use.The indicator on lancing device will show if the lancing device is properly launched.

6.Hold the lancing device firmly against the site of your finger.Press the trigger to puncture the skin.The first drop of blood usually contains tissue fluid and serum, which may affect test results and should be discarded.

7.Remove the cap of lancing device when finished.Put the protective cap back onto the exposed needle of the lancet.

8.Direct the lancing device away from your person and slide the lancet ejector lever in a forward motion,disposing the lancet in an approved container.Return lancet ejector lever to its original position, then depress the trigger button.Pull back on the cap for next time using.

Removing Used Lancet

1.Pull off End Cap.

2.Using saved Top, recap Lancet.

3.Remove from Holder and dispose of Lancet in appropriate container.

Cleaning/Disinfecting Lancing Device

For safe care, clean/disinfect your Lancing Device after each use to prevent the carry-over of blood- borne viruses or infectious agents through your lancing device.

1.Remove End Cap.

2.Wipe the inside of Cap using a cotton swab dampened with 70% isopropyI alcohol.

3.Replace End Cap.

4.Wipe the outside of the Lancing Device with prepared isopropyl alcohol wipes (active ingredient - 70% isopropyI alchohol/ isopropanol), PDI Super Sani-cloth wipes (active ingredients-55% Isopropyl alchol/ isopropanol, 5,000 ppm(Parts Per Million) quarternary ammonium cholorides) or any comparable wipes listed on the EPA Disinfectant list.


1.The lancing device is for single patient use. Do not share it with anyone including other family members! Do not use on multiple patients!

2.Prior to testing, Use warm water to increase blood flow if necessary. Then dry your hands and the test site thoroughly.

3.Wipe the test site with an alcohol swab or soapy water, and gently massage the test site before capillary collection.

4.Make sure the lancing device is kept clean from cream, lotion, or dust.

5.Do not reuse lancet, always use a new, sterile lancet for testing.

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