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Application of Biohazard Bag

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1. Biohazard Autoclave Bags are used for disinfection and sterilization of laboratories and laboratory materials from biological wastes. They are also suitable for use as medical waste bags. Bags are ideal for processing hazardous materials up to 275°f (135°c) and Feature a temperature indicator that changes to "autoclaved" when contents are successfully sterilized.


2. Biohazard Waste Bags are mainly used to collect solid biohazardous or infectious waste and separate infectious waste that must be sterilized from regular garbage.


3. Medical Waste Bags are used to collect, store, and transport biohazardous or infectious waste within a hospital, health care facility, outpatient surgery center, alternate care clinic, physician's office, or medical lab. Medical waste disposal bags themselves are used mainly for medical waste (except for sharps), but can also be used for any other waste that can potentially have an infectious agent in them. In addition, red bags are also used for any used gloves, bandages, gauzes, and anything else that might have either blood, urine, or other bodily fluids on them.


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