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Two Piece Urostomy Bag Urostomy Pouches for Patient Urostomy Care

Quality Certification:
  • CNME080517-7

Two Piece Urostomy Bag Urostomy Pouches for Patient Urostomy Care


Product name: ostomy bag

Type: Two piece closed

Properties: Urostomy care

Function: colostomy care &nurse

MaterialOpaque bag body, Non-woven lining

Max cut:45mm

Filter: with filter

Quality Certification: ce

Color: beige pouch

Two-piece urostomy bag features:

1.Unique hydrocolloid formula, strong anti-corrosive

2.Softness,good impermeability and flexibility,no irritation to skin

3.Anti-backflow design

4.Drainable valve design is simple and easy to operate

5.Flexible and convenient fastener

6.Independently packed two-piece chassis

7.Tape around baseplate can prevent edge, warpingand edge dissolution when have a bath

8.Flexible and convenient fastener system

Design details:


Convex design is suitable for those who have stoma hollow


Odor resistant

Made with effective odor resistant film and comes with a carbon filter to fight odor.

This urostomy bag has great adhesive with good air-permeable, no stimulation and easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residue on the skinadhesive.


The buckle ring is easy to use,there is rotary valve on the drainage area,it is easy to empty the pouch,sanitary and clean.


High Barrier Material - The urethrostomy bag can lock out odor, easy to check for any unusual excretion. The drainable bags special design can prevent backflow effectively , and the open design is easy to empty.

Double-sized non-woven fabric is friendly to your skin and avoid embarassment, but you can check stoma condition with observation window easily through EVOH transparent film.


Independently packed two-piece chassis, imported hydrocolloid material, good viscosity, no stimulation. The design of retaining ring and chassis is relatively separate, which is more convenient when fastening and disassembling with bag body. 

Ostomy life common sense:

1. Eat evenly, drink plenty of water, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

2. The clothes are soft and comfortable.

3. Avoid work to increase abdominal pressure (such as extracting heavy objects)

4. Keep your mood happy

5.The ostomy bag can last about 3-4 days if you don't let them fill over 1/3 or get too sweaty. Don't use it over 6 days, it may lose adhesive for such a long time.


Package details

5pcs/Box, 100 boxes/carton ,65*39*39cm


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