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Medical Silicone Nasal CPAP Mask for Sleep Appnea

Forehead stepless knob:
Micro-Vent Holes:
AdjustabIe height:
  • CNME01S30B

Medical Silicone Nasal CPAP Mask for Sleep Appnea

Nasal CPAP Mask Description:

A nasal CPAP mask is triangular in shape and sits on the face around the nose. It’s held in place by head gear (stretchy straps that go around the nose). There are different sizes for different sizes and shapes of noses.

nasal CPAP mask


1.Safe and comfortable

2.Three sizes are available

3.Multiple innovation patents

4.Suitable for various non-invasive ventilator


Nasal CPAP Mask Parts:

Forehead stepless knob

Independent innovation

Stepless knob design to fit forehead easily

Perfectly suit individual facial contour

Micro-Vent Holes

Scatter ing design

Ensure greater sense of safety


Curve buckle structure enables flexible rotation

Easy to attach, easy to adjust

AdjustabIe height

2 levels of height are available

DoubIe cushions

Medical liquid silicon

A comfortable seal is achieved by dual-wall design

Easy to clean and reassemble

360° Rotary joint

Flexible tubing positions are fulfilled

Free to change sleeping positions


Dimension Details:

nasal CPAP mask (2)

Wearing Instructions:

1.Put the headgear to an "inverted triangle" shape with the black side up; and then fasten the upper parts through the buckles on the top of the mask frame;

2.Rightly wear the mask on head and fix it;

3.Tie up the lower parts of the headgear to other two buckles;

4.Adjust the position of headgear and forehead pad to make the mask perfectly fit.

nasal CPAP mask (3)

Cleaning Guide:

1.Daily Use:Slightly wash the mask accessories (except for headgear) with soap in warm water; after cleaning, dry them in natural way. Use a soft brush to clean the vent hole.

2.Weekly Washing:Clean the headgear with hand. First soak it in warm soap water for less than 10 min; and then dry it in natural way. Avoid expose it to direct sunlight.

Nasal CPAP Mask detailed picture:

640-nasal CPAP mask (6)

640-nasal CPAP mask (3)640-nasal CPAP mask (7)800-nasal CPAP mask (2)800-nasal CPAP mask

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