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Medical CPAP Full Face Mask with Comfortable Headgear

Forehead stepless knob:
Safety vaIve:
Easy to attach, easy to adjust:
  • CNME01S30A

Medical CPAP Full Face Mask with Comfortable Headgear

Full Face Mask Description:

CPAP masks are available in various styles, from nasal pillows and nasal masks that supply air through the nose to full-face masks that provide air through both the nose and the mouth.


Although they are not right for everyone, full-face CPAP masks are an excellent choice for people who breathe through their mouths. Nasal masks are available with a chinstrap to discourage mouth breathing, but not everyone finds these effective or comfortable. Some people use a full-face mask every night, while others switch only when they are congested from allergies or illness. Full-face masks can also make high air pressure settings more comfortable.

Full Face Mask Parts:

Forehead stepless knob

Independent innovation;

Stepless knob design to fit forehead easily;

Perfectly suit individual facial contour.

Safety vaIve

Anti-asphyxia safe design;

Ensure greater sense of safety;


Curve buckle structure enables flexible rotation;

Easy to attach, easy to adjust;

AdjustabIe height

2 levels of height are available.

DoubIe cushions

Medical liquid silicon;

A comfortable seal is achieved by dual-wall design;

Easy to clean and reassemble;

360° Rotary joint

Flexible tubing positions are fulfilled;

Free to change sleeping positions.

Full Face Mask Dimension Details:

full face mask

Full Face Mask Wearing Instructions:

1.Put the headgear to an "inverted triangle" shape with the black side up; and then fasten the upper parts through the buckles on the top of the mask frame;

2.Rightly wear the mask on head and fix it;

3.Tie up the lower parts of the headgear to other two buckles;

4.Adjust the position of headgear and forehead pad to make the mask perfectly fit.full face mask (2)

Full Face Mask Cleaning Guide:

1. Daily Use:Slightly wash the mask accessories (except for headgear) with soap in warm water; after cleaning, dry them in natural way. Use a soft brush to clean the vent hole.

2. Weekly Washing:Clean the headgear with hand. First soak it in warm soap water for less than 10 min; and then dry it in natural way. Avoid expose it to direct sunlight.

Full Face Mask detailed picture:

640-cpap full face mask (2)

640-cpap full face mask (3)640-cpap full face mask (4)640-cpap full face mask (5)


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